Hella Comet 2020-1000x700

Locust Valley is a varied album of rock songs which comes in all kinds of different hues while boasting a strong affinity to giant walls of sound which are interspersed with rugged punk guitars. Take “Dead Match Figure”, for example. You can’t really listen to this song without thinking of American post punk/noise rock. The heavy guitars on “Idiots and Slavery” rumble on in a pretty mean fashion and the slightly aggressive approach to “Swim” recalls shades of early Riot Grrrl aesthetics. So is this full-blown rock now? Hella Comet beg to differ.

The album begins with somewhat of a musical quotation mark, a solar nebula if you will, before allowing the lead-off track “Secret Body Nation” to build into an anthemic gesture. A possible indication for the days of simply “playing” rock music to be numbered. The next song (if you wanna call this colourful, three minute slab of psychedelia a song) measures up to all standards of the genre but the context in which these sounds find themselves is crucial: the foundation of this particular vehicle is a tonal web which inherently carries the band’s experience with advanced and experimental guitar music. Obviously drawing f