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Noise Appeal Records is celebrating is their tenth anniversary.

Since its inception in 2003, the collectors-label has forged a plastered trail of vinyl-documents comprised of grand and unconventional combos such as Sex on the Beach, The Striggles, Fuckhead, Hella Comet, Reflector and Sex Jams.

In January 2013 a new chapter will begin; and to honor the occasion its label-masterminds have thought of something special: A vinyl-singles-club featuring the cult-band HP Zinker.

Hans Platzgumer’s legendary grunge band was formed in 1989 in New York by two Austrians and established itself quickly in NYC’s noise scene. Without pretense, they shared the stage with such bands as Sonic Youth, Ween, Helmet, Lemonheads and the Jon Spencer Blue Explosion. J Mascis drummed with them, Evan Dando sang with them and every month they played the stage of CBGB’s. Two now-legendary US Indie labels were founded just for them. Both Matador and Thrill Jockey’s 001 catalogue numbers are HP Zinker records. In 1990 they signed with the London-based label Fire Records, which went on to become Domino Records. They released five studio albums, countless singles & bootlegs and even received a Grammy nomination.

In 1994, after five turbulent years of endless touring and drug excesses Zinker broke up in the middle of a European tour. To this day Hans Platzgumer has vehemently refused a reunion. His autobiographical novel “Expedition. Die Reise eines Underground-Musikers in 540 KB“ (Innsbruck, Skarabaeus, 2005) conjures up many escapades of HP Zinker.

Most Zinker releases are no longer available. Offering remedy to this deplorable state of affairs, comes Noise Appeal’s limited edition subscription-only HP Zinker-Reissue-Box.

Over the course of 2013, on a bimonthly basis, 7” singles including every essential song and curated by Hans Platzgumer himself will arrive accompanied by additional bonus material in the form of reproduced flyers, photographs, stickers and buttons. All artwork is silk-screen printed by Noise Appeal and Yummy Store with minute care.

The subscription is available for 49,90€ (excl. shipping costs) and


Noise Appeal Records Bands Compilation Cover
HP Zinker Band Chris Magerl Split Cover
Hp Zinker Band Singlesbox Special Limited Edition Vinyl Austria Platzgumer Artwork
Hp Zinker Band Singlesbox Special Limited Edition Vinyl Austria Platzgumer Artwork
Hp Zinker Band Singlesbox Special Limited Edition Vinyl Austria Platzgumer Artwork


Hans Platzgumer
Andi Puempel
David Wasik


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