Vienna’s newest heavy hitters Monokay, while not sounding exactly similar to any akin influences, definitely display a lot of the same prowess as well as the undeniable catchiness as their musical predecessors.

Right when Monokay came out of the gates in early 2023, self-releasing their debut EP, it was obvious they were dedicated to doing things differently. „Nu-Grunge-Gaze-Core“ is the nonsense term they describe their music as while being tongue-in-cheek about not sticking to any particular genre. Few bands can navigate this tricky terrain and walk the sometimes hard-to-define tightrope that exists between hardcore, punk, alternative rock, shoegaze, and even simple pop.

The new soon-to-be-released self-titled EP is their strongest display yet; straight-forward, grungy hardcore sounds, paired with ringing guitar melodies, rhythmic yet catchy vocals and smashing drums – Monokay delivers some of the most powerful and fun guitar music their town has to offer.






DateCountryCity Venuew/Info
04.02.24ATViennaVenster99Dice Throw, Seed of Pain, Magnitude-
24.04.24ATViennaChelseaTracker, Flowers In Concrete, Dirty TalonsNOISE APPEAL FEST 2024 - Tickets
11.05.24ATLinzKapu20 Liter Yoghurt-
15.06.24ATNickelsdorfNova Rock Festivalmany, many other bandsWebsite
20.07.24DEBurghausenJUZBrain Tourniquet, Deliriant Nerve, Teo Wise, Lockjaw & more Sommerfest