Once Tasted Life Band

It all started out harmlessly enough when the idea of starting a musical project focusing on „poppy“ tunes rather than on heavy mosh parts became manifest in this band now known as Once Tasted Life. A bunch of songs had already been written when members of some austrian hardcore bands, namely Sick Of Silence (rip), Pledge Alliance (rip) and True Illusion (rip), went into the practice room together for the first time to freate a sound that wouldn‘t go with other bands. Once Tasted Life stands for both, atmospheric guitar pop and catchy punk rock. Concerning lyrics it is to say that they are very personal and well thought-out.
Soon after their first show in december 2002 it was clear that Once Tasted Life should become more than a side project. aside from quite a few other shows their uk tour in february 2003 proves that Once Tasted Life take it seriously. „Fallow fields of hope“ is Once Tasted Life‘s debut release and a preview of what is still to come.

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