Andi Lechner
Resonatorguitar, Vocals

Heidi Fial
Doublebass, Vocals

Matthias Macht

The Ghost And The Machine plays rough and honest songs, intimate and untamed. Pristine elements collide and embrase eachother. The metallic cutting-edge overtones of the resonatorguitar meet the wooden shallow depth of the doublebass, carried by infectious drumming, and the dadaistic but yet pictorial vocals form sonic landscapes that pull you in.


The result offers insights to an undistorted sound- and soulportrait.


There are no pictures in nature. A picture is peculiar to human beings, the ordinary content of the mind is abstract, amorphous and vague. That cut surface is the stomping ground of The Ghost And The Machine’s new Album RED RAIN TIRES, which will be released in September 2018 on Noise Appeal Records.