It is that kind of rock that deserves „noise“ written in big letters behind its logo, if you know what I mean. Liberated from the ideological constructions, the music of United Movement fills any room like a massive block of distorted guitars and heavy hitting drums. And they like to deal heavy blows. In between they polished their double-vocals for screamers and wailers and manage to, unlike many other modern bands, never lose their pressure and power even in the „softer“ parts. United Movement are the raudy, raunchy revenge from the soft white underbelly of rock music at the over-styled fashion-bands topping the alternative charts. There is no „the“ in front of the bandname on purpose. Dial „UM“ for United Movement, motherfucker.
On their first proper full-length album United Movement have refined and destilled their very own formula for noise rock like the best alpine liquor. The reduction of means, the reinforcement of effectivity and the preference for the more direct approach make this hard but tasty stuff. In between United Movement fall into a completely distorted version of blues rock, or into a bigy city pschosis run amok and put into music. They only take themselves back to come back again harder. Whenever they start a refrain that invites to singing along, they’ll come around the bend with another dirty, weird idea. Like taking the fists up towards alleged modern heroes (e.g. Bobby Fisher or Red Adair). Inspite of all the variety and diversity the songs all sound like they have fallen from one single mould, forming a big bastard of a record together. Which brings us right back to the beginning.
(written by Georg Cracked)


United Movement Band Introducing The Exploration Cover CD


Mr. Burnett