Heckspoiler is a band of two. Heckspoiler is pure energy. Heckspoiler is now part of the Noise Appeal Records Family!

Heckspoiler is a band of two exceptional musicians. They grew up in the beautiful Almtal in Upper Austria, where they first got together and founded Heckspoiler. Since then, they can look back on three, already sold out, “Crackickertapes” and a 7“ split EP with the Linz post-hardcore formation“ Leslie Act Thriller ”. Heckspoiler are bass and drums. And there is no need to add anything else. Besides, a lot of catchy melodies, hooks and lyrics spiced with plenty of wit, mostly sang in Austrian dialect. After releasing the “Crackickertapes”, a Split 7″, and after playing around 60 shows, the time has finally come to release their debut album, “Synthetics Athletics”.

The record was produced and mixed at Doom Studios Linz by Markus Matzinger, mastered by Roland Wiegner in the Tonmeisterei and will be published on Noise Appeal Records.

Music is not celebrated for its own sake here. Of course, you will be almost physically punched in your face, which is obvious in some parts (VW bus rolled over Hamster), in other parts it’s more metaphysically but always refreshingly different. Different than all the musically secured patterns in your own head would allow you to expect. This is simply a hit album. Every song is strong, every song makes sense. Humanism that has become music, a touch of anarchy, honesty cast in songs and while self-copying genre colleagues overload their lyrics with sniveling hints and metaphoric mumbo-jumbo that only lead themselves to absurdity, Heckspoiler are always sharp with an extraordinary accuracy in text and music, always thinking topics consistently an end: »Wenigstens bin i ka gschissene Nazi-Sau wie du!«

For everyone searching for an adaptation of well-known success formulas, in superlatives embedded self-lust, or just bands that don’t have anything to say at all – You won‘t get happy here! For everyone else: don’t you worry, everything is very “Leiwand”!

“Synthetics Athletics” out on July 10th.
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