HAPPY RELEASEDAY: It’s Everyone Else – Pirouette

Finally the new It’s Everyone Else Album »Pirouette is here. This was quite a journey, best described with the band own words.

»During the last few years both of us have been struggling with mental health issues manifesting in different ways. It really started to spiral just a few months before the pandemic hit. We always used our music as a cathartic and therapeutic outlet and suddenly this release was taken away from us. We had a lot of recorded material and ideas from before, but the direction just didn’t entirely fit our mindset at the moment. We started to shape the sound and it slowly began to materialise. We didn’t want to write a conceptual album, nor did we try to write directly about the topics at hand – and yet it became the most cohesive album we’ve ever made, lyrically and musically. We knew it was not going to be the easiest listening experience, but we never looked back.«

»Pirouette« is out today, both physical and digital. To order the beautiful vinyl version please visit our store: https://store.noiseappeal.com/shop/music/its-everyone-else-pirouette