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It’s Everyone Else will shatter your preconceptions about electronic music. This male/female duo from Slovenia create a merciless mix of alternative, industrial and noise using nothing but synths, samplers and vocals. Their piercing effects cut through distorted bass lines and huge electronic drums, culminating in cathartic live performances that will leave you gasping for air.

“Pirouette” was created during a chaotic period of time, dealing with personal and mental health issues, which started spiraling just before the pandemic hit. We wanted a change in sound that would portray the alienating thoughts and feelings without losing the edge. The songs got longer and the build-ups got slower, demanding more patience. The vocals started to melt unto the sound without commanding it. We didn’t overthink the lyrics and just let them happen. This resulted in tighter cohesion where the deafening crescendos perfectly balance the subdued droning soundscapes.




SHOW UPDATE: It’s Everyone Else

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