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Rejoice! Sinister quartet FUCKHEAD is back in the tourbus, not only racing right into their 30th year together, but also straight into the dirt. Dirty boys Bruckmayr, Jöchtl, Kern and Strohman will put on their very best fish-net underwear and present their new record „Dislocation“ as stylish as style can be.

A mix of heavy bass and noisy rock roars, while clumsy dancing and vandalism rule the halls. The boys disrupt the order of your things, go through your dirty laundry, stir in your subconscious and speak right out of your soul to make sure that „you’re for once feel a bit better!“. The record cover is a huge Augmented Reality trigger, strange avatars are taking over your beloved smartphone and there’s chaos in the filter bubble. The situation is catastrophic, but not serious!

„Dislocation“ is an acoustic wrecking ball that takes down a neat Ikea apartment, now with a modern Augmented Reality cover! You can find the free app in the app shops of you (mis)trust, Google Play and iTunes.


Didi Bruckmayr
Didi Kern
Michael Strohmann
Alex Joechtl


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NAR20 Photos: Day 2

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