Convertible Band Music Austria Platzgumer Artwork Single Holst Gate




1. Final Call
2. Free

200 made
Coloured vinyl & Downloadcode

13.04. 2018

It has been a while since I wrote about Holst Gate II, a 2020 full-length release by Convertible. Led by tireless writer, composer, musician, and producer Hans Platzgumer, this band never ceases to amaze with exceptional numbers that span across many music genres. That’s also the case with Final Call / Free, a double single 7″, released as an announcement for the Holst Gate I, which saw the light of the day in 2018, thanks to Noise Appeal Records. It’s a lovely piece of plastic carrying two rock-solid proofs of Hans Platzgumer’s brilliance, as they demonstrate all his writing, composing, recording, and producing abilities.
Final Call commences on the A-side with downtempo rhythmic sequences and hypnotic piano leads. The subtly implemented, cleverly assembled low-end notes support these instrumentations, but the bass lines become even more notable during the verses. Hans Platzgumer paid a lot of attention to the rhythm section, which remains a top priority throughout the entire track, serving as a backdrop for those catchy piano leads. The guitars are also present here, but they serve more as enhancements, accentuations, and decorations, while the other instrumentations remain the centerpiece of the song. Platzgumer’s superb vocal performance completes this composition with poetic, storytelling lyricism that will keep you focused from scratch to finish. Final Call also opens Holst Gate I, and it’s a wise choice because it forces the listener to remain engaged and pay attention to the remainder of the album.
Free adorns the other side of this fine piece of plastic. This time, Convertible delivers a calm, soothing, relaxing, ethereal downtempo composition decorated with whispery vocal performance, processed piano leads and themes, more warm-sounding basslines, and jazzy rhythmic sequences entirely focused on hi-hats and brush snare. Hans Platzgumer solely focuses on a repetitious theme that draws the listener in and doesn’t let go until the end. However, you’ll notice how every segment becomes slightly more detailed, with even more instrumentation added in the process. Platzgumer knows what he’s doing, and he’s doing it with precision and finesse.
Final Call / Free 7″ not only serves as a demonstration of Platzgumer’s abilities but also showcases what you might expect of Holst Gate I. These two exceptional compositions will immediately convince you to revisit Convertible’s entire discography and pay close attention to Holst Gate I and II. You can grab this 7″ as a part of the Convertible bundle at the Noise Appeal Records web store. Don’t miss it!

Pure Vinyl & Cassettes 07/2018

HOLST GATE ist ein von Colin Holst geprägtes Kollektiv. Der Norweger spielt sphärisch, öffnet die Sicht auf nachdenkliche Sounds und bietet Entspannung pur. Nur die A-Seite ist mit dem Track „Final call“ belegt, auf B-Seite der Ambient lastige Track “Free”. Dazu coloured Vinyl und ein passendes, künstlerisches Coverwork von Max Parovsky. Im November soll das Album erscheinen.