In 1995 Hans Platzgumer’s New York-based Grunge band HP Zinker split up. They had been an aprecciated part of the American Alternative scene for years, toured with the likes of Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr and others and initiated influential labels like Matador and Thrill Jockey. Then Hans needed a break. He did not touch his guitar for almost a decade. Instead he moved back to his native Europe and got deeply entangled in the emerging electronic music scene. In 2004 he teamed up with lyricist Hannah MacKenna and started the Zinker-follow-up Convertible blending his old electric guitars with innovative electronica. Star designer Stefan Sagmeister who had created the Grammy-nominated Zinker sleeve now did the artwork for Convertible’s selftitled debut album, a collection of mostly down-tempo introverted tunes and elaborate ambient interludes.

During the next 18 years 6 more Convertible records have been released with changing line-ups around Hans, Hannah and long-term bassist Chris Laine tirelessly exploring new musical terrains. After a period of unplugged endeavours Convertible’s last two releases “Holst Gate I” and “Holst Gate II” are characterized by elegant song writing and rich productions. Still it is the 2004-debut album with tunes like “Morning” or “Skunks & Porcupines” where the whole journey began. Lost for many years the record now finally is available on all streaming platforms from March 11th. Time to travel back in time.