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Scarabæusdream is an orchestra of two: Their music is a duel of piano and drums that lets grow everything at the very moment of emergence and leads to an unconditionally present collision of sound. Without conforming to any rigid framework, they go beyond genre-borders and challenge their audience’s listening habits. Is there a way to play a hardcore song on a piano and turn it into a pop opera piece with 90ies disco elements? You could be surprised. There is no foreseeable intention and no obvious direction in which the songs are heading. The result is a crescendo of life, both beautiful and uncomfortable pieces in an emotional arrangement, that find the way into the deepest parts of your heart. And they will remain there.


Hannes Moser
Bernd Supper


Scarabeusdream Dates

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NAR20 Photos: Day 3

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#NAR20 – Day3

20 Jahre Noise Appeal Records Fest, vom 25. bis 27. April im Chelsea. Tag 3 – 26.04. 2023 BAITS HECKSPOILER [...]

20 Jahre Noise Appeal Records

20 JAHRE NOISE APPEAL RECORDS Noise Appeal Records wird 20 und lädt zum Fest ins Chelsea. Early Bird-Tagestickets und -Festivalpässe [...]

Scarabeusdream “Crescendo” Out Now!

I’m unbelievable happy to announce the release of the new Scarabeusdream album “Crescendo” today! It’s available as LP, CD and digital […]

Scarabeusdream “Crescendo” out soon

New Scarabeusdream album “Crescendo” out January 18th, 2019.

Welcome: Scarabæusdream

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our newest family member: Scarabæusdream! My history with Bernd and Hannes is a long one, […]

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